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Diablo II is the sequel to the popular RPG/action computer game Diablo. It was developed by Blizzard North, a division of Blizzard Entertainment. In 2001, this game became one of the most popular on-line games through, inter alia, free servers that Blizzard offers, forming the network Battle.net. Diablo II can also be played in one player mode, or through a LAN-based servers using TCP / IP protocol.

Plot: At the end of the first part of the game, by killing Diablo, the hero discovers that although he destroyed the body of Prince Albrecht containing Diablo, the devil spirit remained moored to the soulstone. As he could not let the Devil free, he decided to shut himself in his prison and buried the damaged soulstone in his forehead. However, the warrior underestimated the strength of Diablo, thus he was gradually corrupted and dominated. The spirit of Diablo seduced his thoughts to go to the cities of the East, where he could find his salvation. In the journey eastward, he finds an inn, which is ravaged by the destructive power that emanates from him. Here he meets Marius, who, despite having seen what happened and having fought against the demons in the monastery, accompanies him without knowing what is hidden inside him.

The characters that you can choose to play in the game are five:
- Amazon. The Amazon are warrior women coming from a group of islands in the Twin Seas.
- Barbarian. Bathed in a halo of mystery and tradition, this town refers to themselves as the "Sons of Bul-Kath", the great king of antiquity.
- Sorceress.The clan of magicians of Zanna Esu is one of the most veteran of the ancient clans, although little is known about them today.
- Necromancer. As with most of those who use magic, the priests of the cult of Rathmer inhabit the remote jungles of the east. These men have come to understand and consider sacred the fragile balance between life and death, crossing the line that makes border between the two.
- Paladin. Church selected a group of priests among the most devout and charismatic ones, and entrusted the mission to convert people to the West. These "protectors of the Word" have proved more successful at converting people, first with their daring feats, their powerful weapons and their martial value, which was more convincing than the convictions of a soft voice monk.
The original game consists of four acts. The first act is the monastery of the harpy, where you must fulfill six searches. The second act is Lut-Gholein. Like its predecessor, consists of six searches. The third act takes place in the jungle of Kurast. The fourth act takes place in hell and, unlike others, comprises only three searches.

Tu sum it up, Diablo II is an excellent game that has an almost endless variety of weapons, besides, it has an excellent graphic section and as well the scenes and searches which are very well done.

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